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Coach/Owner Tom started CrossFitting a mind-boggling 13 years ago while he was deployed in Afganistan as a special operator. "I found CrossFit to be the most effective way to maintain a high level of operational readiness," he says.

Toms’ passion is changing his members’ mindsets in their approach to life, including accepting adversity for what it is: an opportunity to grow instead of another hurdle to jump. "I love helping members change and extend their lives," he says. "I also love adapting people to a different mindset and approach to life. I love seeing people own their current fitness and making a commitment to do something about it."

When Tom isn’t in school, you can find him hanging out with his wife, Deb, hitting the books in law school, or picking out which fanny pack to wear for the day.

Bachelors Degree
Juris Doctorate
CrossFit level 1 certified coach
CrossFit level 2 coach
OPOTA certified



Coach Corey Sweat not only wins the "Most Appropriate CrossFit Coach Name" award, but it’s always been his dream to coach right here at CrossFit Pickerington.

"From the time I met the owners and members here at CrossFit Pickerington, It has been a goal of mine to observe, listen, and grow as a member to have the opportunity to be a coach at THIS gym," he says. "I want the members to know I am truly excited and honored to be called one of their coaches."

Corey is also a full-time teacher, so coaching is a natural extension of his love of learning and teaching. "I enjoy educating myself first, then sharing this with like-minded individuals with a passion for excellence," he says.

Two things you’ll hear from Corey in his classes are "Pay the man" and "But did you die?"

CrossFit Level 1


Coach Noah Garcia played football for 11 years, and he started CrossFit to keep up the rigorous exercise he got accustomed to playing football. "I peaked in high school (500 lb. back squat, 280 lb. power clean)," he says. "I’m just trying to get back to my former glory."

Noah is passionate about pushing past the physical limits people set for themselves, and he loves seeing members be able to do movements or weights they didn't think they could before. When he’s not CrossFitting, you can find Noah throwing axes, riding motorcycles and cooking.

His favorite quote is "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

CrossFit Level 1
American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certified



Debbie started CrossFitting 6 years ago after finally listening to her husband and CrossFit Pickerington owner, Tom. Debbie has always been into fitness and sports since high school. After giving CrossFit a try, she believes CrossFit is one of the best ways to stay healthy. “Exercise is beneficial in so many ways including maintaining a healthy body and mind.” Debbie’s nutritional journey has been just that, a journey, but believes food is medicine and continues to learn about nutritional foods.

Throughout her nursing career, Debbie has seen the effects of chronic health disease on individuals’ quality of life. She has a passion for helping others develop and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors to prevent and manage chronic health illnesses.

When Debbie isn’t working, you can find her hanging out with her husband, Tom, spending time with family, reading more about functional medicine, or finding the next outdoor adventure!

Doctor of Nursing Practice 
Certified Nurse Practitioner
BLS & ACLS certified
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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