Lance Wooley

I want to start this by saying a few simple words to sum this up for everyone: CrossFit Pickerington has put my life back in my hands.

When I started CrossFit in March, I was literally talked into signing up by Andy Hawkins while bringing my wife in to get her enrolled here. She had done CrossFit in the past and wanted to start back up. I had convinced myself (like so many others) that I had to get into better shape to be able to do what we do in CrossFit. After about two hours of talking to the guys here at CFP, Andy asked about signing up and I decided to sign us both up. That was the best decision of my life.

When I started working out here, I weighed 275 lbs. I had gotten out the military in April of 2014, between that time and March 17, 2015, (my first workout with CFP) I had gained a whopping 60 lbs. The workouts were a lot … and tough, BUT everything, from the weights to the movements, were capable of being scaled to my own abilities at the time.

Nobody makes you feel small or stupid for not being as good or strong as they are. In fact, it is the EXACT opposite with these guys. Whether you are someone trying to make your way to the CrossFit Games one day or someone that just wants to look better and feel better, everyone cheers you on. There isn’t a negative thing said to anyone in this place during their workouts. The atmosphere is positive and motivating. There is no such thing as “I can’t” here, only “I’m getting there.”

I am stronger than ever and more agile that I thought possible, and I am only starting. Since that starting weight of 275 nasty pounds in March, I have dropped to 244 lbs. as of July 7, 2015. My percentage of body fat has dropped from 48% to 37%, but I have also gained over 10 lbs. of lean muscle. I am literally less that 40 lbs. from an ideal weight for my build.

This is because of the workouts that are put together but also because of the plethora of nutritional information that is at your fingertips with these guys here. Tom is crazy knowledgeable about what to fuel your body with and how to maximize your investment in yourself when you work out at CFP.

This place has shown me more than the fact I can lose weight. It has shown me that I can lose weight, get stronger and build relationships with people that are interested in the same things as myself at the same time. Both myself and my wife have made new friends that strengthen our commitment to get fit and making healthier choices. Our marriage has gotten stronger as well as a result, we are both competitive by nature and always want outdo each other. We don’t always get to work out with one another, but we will definitely try to beat the others’ times or weight percentages. It has been a great tool in making us stronger as a couple and family.

I was lost after getting out of the military. I felt like there was something missing. Upon joining CFP, I found that missing part of my life. The feeling of belonging to something returned to my life. It has made me and my wife happier in our lives outside the gym. CrossFit Pickerington is an amazing place to work out, and you’re only hurting yourself if you don’t at least give it a try.

Danielle Starko

My friend kept asking me to come to CrossFit with her. I was initially intimidated, because I had the stereotypical thought that it was way too advanced for me. I was so scared I didn’t have the physical capability to finish the workouts. I finally went so my friend would stop asking me, and quickly learned that my fears were completely invalid.

The coaches are extremely patient with me and scale the workouts to my specific ability while still making sure I’m challenged. I had no weightlifting routine before, so I literally started learning technique with a PVC pipe. I was so excited when I was able to start using actual weights. I have never felt so much support, guidance, and accountability than I have from both the coaches and other members. Because of this, I have gained strength, motivation, and a confidence in my physical abilities from CrossFit Pickerington!



Joe Montgomery

Any of my friends that want to challenge themselves who are bored with your workouts and want to change your lazy-ass lifestyle? I joined CrossFit Pickerington a few months back, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.