CrossFit Pickerington's TDEE Calculator

Learn EXACTLY how much you need to eat

How to use this calculator:

Height, Age, and Weight:
Just be honest

Activity Level:
Moderately Active – Workout/Exercise 2-3 times a week
Very Active – Workout/Exercise 4-5 times a week
Extra Active – Workout/Exercise 5-7 times a week (also for individuals who engage in physical activity for labor purposes)

Male or Female, again, be honest

Leave it on imperial

Show TDEE = those trying to gain weight
Show TDEE -10% = those trying to maintain or lose weight

Don’t set your protein too high – 1g/lb of body weight is fine for most situations.  The only case where we suggest you eat more protein is when you’re eating far below TDEE.

Body Fat %
If you have it, input it. If you do not, leave it blank

Leave it blank

Males: 100g
Females: 75g


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